Top 10 Google Chrome tricks you must know!

Top 10 Google Chrome tricks you must know!
As of 2017 December, Chrome is used by 65% of desktop users. And all of us spend quite a lot of time on this browser on a daily basis. So I…

As of 2017 December, Chrome is used by 65% of desktop users. And all of us spend quite a lot of time on this browser on a daily basis. So I believe its worth spending few minutes to know how you can make the best use of it.

T1. Omnibox : Its like BB-8 from Star Wars

Search in any site directly from your omnibox

So many times we want to search within particular websites like Medium, Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia and your company website too. All you have to do is type in the keyword in omnibox (also called address bar/search bar) and use TAB key, followed by your query text.

How to configure?
a. Settings>Manage search engines> Other search engines > ADD
OR go to chrome://settings/searchEngines

b. Keep the keyword short and sweet like med for medium, yt for youtube and so on. Preferably two letters or name of site.

c. Find search URL and replace query text with %s

Add new custom search engine

Few sites you would love to add:
(Website - Query URL)

a. Medium:
b. Google Contacts:
c. Youtube:
d. Amazon:
. Google Image search:
f. Gmail:
h. Facebook:
i. Twitter:

Sometimes it can be hard to find this search query url. Nevertheless you can find them in network tab under Developer tools whenever you search in particular site. Ignore this part unless you are a web developer/techie.

T2. Closed a tab by mistake?

Nothing to worry, press ⌘ + Shift + t (in mac) 
or Ctrl + Shift + t (in windows/linux) to reopen the tab.

I love few more shortcuts: (action: mac | windows/linux)
New Tab: ⌘ + t | Ctrl + t
Jump to search bar: ⌘ + l | Ctrl +l
New Incognito window : ⌘ +Shift + n | Ctrl + Shift +n
Close Current tab: ⌘ + w | Ctrl + w
Quickly search web: ⌘ + Option + f

Find your favourite ones from ton of other keyboard shortcuts here.

T3. Pin or duplicate tabs and more..

Right Click on tab to Pin/Unpin or to duplicate.

Pinned tabs take very less space so that you can clearly see rest of the tabs.
Note that you have to unpin the tab to use close button on tab.

More options like close tabs to right.

Unfortunately there are no keyboard shortcuts to Pin/Unpin/Mute/Duplicate yet. Hopefully we will see them in newer versions of Chrome.

T4. Want to go n-steps back in history?

Long press on back arrow button will give you last ten pages you visited in that particular tab.

Jump n-pages backwards

T5. Make best use of Bookmarks bar

Create bookmark ( ⌘ + D ) and try to have short name or no name at all if the favicon can suggest what it is. Sort your bookmarks(chrome://bookmarks/).

Compact usage of bookmark bar
If your bookmark bar is not visible, use Shift +⌘ +b to unhide or hide
OR use Settings > Bookmarks> Show bookmarks bar .

Most of the time, title will be adding no value, so make sure you give proper names to remember what they are.
Bookmarks increase your search efficiency. Chrome shows search results your bookmarks first in omnibar.

T6. Start the Chrome in your way!

Everyday I start my day looking at my mails and then I read headlines and that’s followed by stock market updates. I can start the chrome to open these pages for me at the start of application. Chrome can also start from where I left off.

To setup go to: Settings > On Startup

T7. Chrome can be your multimedia browser!

Yes, just go to file:/// and you will see all your directories. You can browse through files and also view images, videos, pdfs, *.txt, *.xml, *.js files.. 
You can play videos right inside the chrome window with minimal settings.

T8. Jazzy Bookmarks!

a. Take quick notes
You are in a meeting, and you want to temporary notes within chrome? No worries, we can do it. 
Copy paste this in search bar: data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
Save this as a bookmark( ⌘ + D ).

b. Want to play Dinosar game even when you are online?
Save this bookmark: chrome://network-error/-106
And you can play the game even when you are online :)

c. Create Google calendar event
Save this bookmark:

T9. Autofill Addresses and Credit Cards

You can save multiple addresses and payment methods to save time on forms.

Settings > Autofill Settings

T10. Use your choice of font in browser.

If you are fond of particular font, you can customise Chrome browser to show in that font unless website forces to show in some other font.
If you want to change font size, then you can do that too. This would put less burden on your eyes.

Bonus points:

a. Some tab is troubling you? Paste: chrome://kill in that tab.
Do you want to explore more such URLs? Go to chrome://about

b. There are tons of Chrome extensions . You can find the relevant ones and add them to your Google chrome browser so that they can be handy. There are many for translation, note taking, casting, mails and so on.

I tried to build few of them which are like internal tools in the companies I used to work for. You can also build custom one yourself to fulfil your requirement.

The above content is based on Google Chrome Version 63.0.x
Soon I will come up with top tricks explicitly for developers!
Thanks for reading..
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